Our Story
Our Story

A Heritage of Hospitality

When we say our home is your home, we mean it. Emma’s Bayhouse was, in fact, Emma’s home by the bay long before it became a renowned bed-and-breakfast. Earl, from Silverhill, Alabama, met his true love Emma, while in Chicago.

Eager to come back to the South, Earl and his bride moved to Fairhope in 1958 and purchased a home on Mobile Bay. At the turn of the century, the home had previously been an inn. Emma dreamt of someday restoring it to a bed-and-breakfast.

In the meantime, as active members of the community, they always made their home open to friends and family. Earl and Emma loved to entertain. Emma graciously served afternoon coffee, tea and cake often to a houseful of guests. Emma’s daughter, Betty, and her five daughters spent many wonderful times at the house by the bay.

Betty, who worked at the famed Grand Hotel for years, took ownership of the home in 1978. The original home was completely rebuilt and renovated. Betty was able to finally realize her mother’s dream and the house was opened in 2007 as Emma’s Bayhouse. Each room is lovingly named for Betty’s daughters.

The family continues the tradition of hospitality. Today, they greet guests with Emma’s same welcoming warmth. It only takes a glance to know that Emma’s is made to be a place to enjoy —clean, beautiful and full of charm, with spectacular views.

We invite you for a stay by the bay where you can begin traditions of your own.